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    TFP Potatoes

    Thé Food-Partner offer different types of potato products within our own brands or private label.

    Our product portfolio consist out of Straight cut Fries, Cut Specialities, Shredded Specialities and Mashed Specialities.

     Straight Cut Fries                                                      Fries    
     Shoestring 6x6 or 7x7
     Regular Cut 9x9 or 10x10
     Regular Cut 12x12 or 14x14              
     Steakhouse Cut 10x20
     Crinkle Cut 10x10
     Crinkle Cut 12x12 or 13x13


    Cut Specialities slices200p 
    Potato Slices 6 or 8mm
    Plain Potato Wedges Skin off 1/6
    Plain Potato Wedges Skin on 1/6
    Original Seasoned Potato Wedges 1/8
    Plain Potato Dices 10x10x10
    Plain Potato Dices 13x13x13
    Plain Potato Dices 20x20x10
    Plain Potato Dices 20x20x15
    Roast Potatoes


    Shredded Specialities    hashbrown
     Hashbrown (triangle)
     Rosti (Round)


    Mashed Specialities          croquettes
     Pommes Noisettes
     Pommes Duchesse
     Pommes Croquettes



    French fries are produced from healthy fresh (stored) potatoes of a pre-graded size. The frozen product is pre-fried and it has a pale yellow colour. After preparation in a deep-fryer the product is golden yellow to light brown, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Its distinctive flavour and scent are characteristic of traditionally fried potatoes.

    Shelf-life and storage conditions.

    The product is fit for consumption for maximum 24 months after production date, provided that it is transported and stored at a maximum temperature of -18°C (***). Store at -12°C (**) for maximum 1 month; store at -6°C (*) for maximum 1 week. The product may be kept in a refrigerator at maximum 7°C for two days. After thawing out, the product should not be frozen again. If so required by law in the country of destination, the shelf-life indication may be limited to 18 months.


    The product is turned out in clean, sealed packs: 4 LD-PE bags of 2,5kg and 10 bags of 1kg per carton of 10kg net. Alternative weight formats are also available. All relevant information, such as a product description, pack weight, recommended temperature for transport and storage, batch code, tracking barcode and expiry date, is printed on each carton. The expiry date and batch code are also printed on each individual bag, along with additional information where relevant. The cartons are stacked on wooden two-way pallets. Each pallet is firmly wrapped in stretch-film and fitted with an adhesive label, which holds an SSCC barcode for tracking and tracing.










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